State Funding / Technical Resources serving California
Biological Control Program
- Sacramento, CA
CalFire Resource Management
- Sacramento, CA
California Agricultural riparian buffers initiative
Wildlife Conservation Board - West Sacramento, CA
California Certified Farmers Market Program
- Sacramento, CA
California Department of Conservation
- Sacramento, CA
California Department of Water Resources
- Sacramento, CA
California Farmland Conservation Program (Williamson Act)
John Lowrie - Division of Land Resource Protection - Sacramento, CA
California Forest Improvement Program
Stewart McMorrow - CFIP Program Manager - Sacramento, CA
California Forest Legacy Program
- Sacramento, CA
California Invasive Species Program
- Sacramento, CA
California Land Acquisition Program
Wildlife Conservation Board - Sacramento, CA
California Landowner Incentive Program
Brian Olson - West Sacramento, CA
California Public Access Program
- Wildlife Conservation Board - Sacramento, CA
California Rangeland, Grazing Land and Grassland Protection Program
Elizabeth Hubert - Restoration and Development Manager - Sacramento, CA
California Waterfowl Habitat Program
CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife - West Sacramento, CA
California Watershed Program
- Sacramento, CA
Center for Invasive Species Research
Mark Hoddle - Director of Center for Invasive Species Research, Extension Specialist - Riverside, CA
Greg Newman - Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO
Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC)
- West Lafayette, IN
Curly Top Virus Control Program - CDFA
Christopher Dillon - Program Manager - Sacramento, CA
Division of Marketing Services
CA Department of Food and Agriculture - Sacramento, CA
Ecosystem Restoration Program
CDFW Water Branch - Sacramento, CA
Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant
CalRecycle - Sacramento, CA
Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program
- Sacramento, CA
Fire Prevention Grants Program
Natalie Burke - Department of Forestry and Fire Protection - Sacramento, CA
Fire Research And Management Exchange System
Lynn Wells - Program Manager - Moscow, ID
Fisheries Restoration Grant Program
CA Department of Fish and Wildlife - Sacramento, CA
Forest Conservation Program
Wildlife Conservation Board - Sacramento, CA
Forest Health Grants - California Climate Investments
Kristen Merrill - Forest Health Program Coordinator - Sacramento, CA
Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Program (General)
Wildlife Conservation Board - Sacramento, CA
Hydrilla Program - CDFA
Robert James - Program Manager - Sacramento, CA
Inland Wetland Conservation Program
Wildlife Conservation Board - Sacramento, CA
Keep Me Wild
California Department of Fish and Game - Sacramento, CA
Sonoma RCD - Santa Rosa, CA
Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Rescue Program
- Sacramento, CA
Oak Woodlands Conservation Program
Wildlife Conservation Board - Sacramento, CA
Permanent Wetland Easement Program
- Sacramento, CA
Private Lands Management
CDFW Wildlife Branch - West Sacramento, CA
Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Program
Victoria Barr - Sacramento, CA
Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program
California Department of Conservation - Division of Land Resource Protection - Sacramento, CA
The Environmental Enhancement And Mitigation Program
CA Natural Resources Agency - Sacramento, CA
Timberland Conservation and Fire Resiliency Program
CDFW - West Sacramento, CA