Fire Services / Prescribed Burning serving California
California Forestry Association
David A. Bischel - President - Sacramento, CA
California Klamath-Siskiyou Fire Learning Network
- Hayfork, CA
Christopher Hipkin
Statewide Forestry Services - Forester/Botanist/Pest Control Advisor - Fort Bragg, CA
Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils Inc.
Mark Melvin - Conservation Management/ Education Technician - Newton, GA
Emergency Stabilization - Burned Area Rehabiliation
Erv Gasser - DOI National Interagency BAER Team Leader - Seattle, WA
Fire Research And Management Exchange System
Lynn Wells - Program Manager - Moscow, ID
Fire Science Degree Programs
Fire Science OnlineAR
Forester's Co-Op
- Grass Valley, CA
Forests and Rangelands
John Ferrell - Feedstock Supply and Logistics Supervisor Biomass Program - Washington, DC
Inbound, LLC
Dillon Sanders - Managing Director, Founder - Portland, OR
National Association of State Foresters
- Washington , DC
National Interagency Fire Center
- Boise, ID
National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center
- Tallahassee, FL
National Wildland Fire Training
Bill Miller - Training Specialist - Tucson, AZ
Northern California Prescribed Fire Council
Lenya Quinn-Davidson - Director - Ukiah, CA
Ranchland Development Inc.
Roland N. Spencer - Founder - Winfield, KS
Ready, Set, Go!
Shawn Stokes - IAFC Assistant Director of National Programs - Fairfax, VA
Smokey Bear - Prescribed Fire
Gwen Beavans - National Fire Prevention Coordinator - Washington, DC