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Great Basin Natives is family owned and operated business serving the public since 1994. Our operation is growing and we are continually seeking new plants for sustainable and drought-tolerant landscaping. At Great Basin Natives, we don't just grow plants; we love them and the inspiration they bring to our landscapes and lives. We are located in Holden, a rural Utah town of about 500 people. Holden is 120 miles south of Salt Lake City and 120 miles north of Cedar City on Interstate 15. For those traveling east or west, U.S. 50 goes through Holden. We are open year round ten to six, but during the winter months there may be some days that we will be gone. The best months for visiting are April through June. If you are traveling a great distance and want special assistance with native plants, please contact us ahead of time to ensure we have a knowledgeable person on hand. We are closed on Sundays and on Holidays.

Our Plants

Most of our plants are nursery propagated by seed or by cuttings. There are times when there is a large population of plants, we will dig some. We get get permission from the land owner. Visit our site often. Our plant list will be modified from time to time as present plants are sold and new plants added. Our mail-order plants are put in either 7 or 10 cubic inches tubelings or in gallons for the person who wants a larger and more mature plant. Tubelings are more economically to ship. The plants in tubelings are seedlings so care should be taken in removing the from the tube. That can be accomplished by holding the tube upside down and tapping the open edge of the tube against a solid surface. The plant should slide into your hand. It can be planted directly into the garden or into a gallon pot to grow a little larger   

The Great Basin is a huge inland basin that covers parts of six western states.  Most of Nevada, a large part of Utah, parts of  Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and California are in the Great Basin.  Elevation ranges from 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley.  Hot summers and cold winters characterize most of the Basin.  Floristic assemblage range from alpine tundra, windswept ridges, conifer forests, mountain meadows and brush lands, sagebrush and salt deserts scrub, barren playa crevice communities, sand dunes, riparian habitat.  This environmental diversity supports an equally high diversity of plants.

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Contact Great Basin Natives

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