Fire Prevention Grants Program Updated:10/2018

Through the California Climate Investments (CCI) Fire Prevention Grant Program, CAL FIRE aims to reduce the risk of wildland fires to habitable structures and communities, while maximizing carbon sequestration in healthy wildland habitat and minimizing the uncontrolled release of emissions emitted by wildfires.

What – California’s 2017-2018 budget allocated up to $195 million to CAL FIRE’s Forest Health and Fire Prevention Programs. Together, these programs improve resiliency of forested and forest-adjacent communities and upper watershed forests while achieving climate goals.

Why – CAL FIRE’s Fire Prevention Grants Program (FP) provides funding for local projects and activities that address the risk of wildfire and reduce wildfire potential to forested and forest adjacent communities. Funded activities include: hazardous fuel reduction, fire planning, and fire prevention education with an emphasis on improving public health and safety while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Who – Eligible grantees may be State Agencies, Native American Tribes, local government within or adjacent to State Responsibility Area including, fire districts, community services districts, water districts, and special districts, or certified local conservation corps, Fire Safe Councils, or other nonprofit organizations organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal Internal Revenue Code. 


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Contact Fire Prevention Grants Program

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