Campbell Global, LLC Updated:11/2014

Campbell Global is a leader in sustainable timberland and natural resource investment management. We are built on a foundation of quality service, unmatched expertise, and integrity. The company currently manages more than 3.1 million acres (1.3 million hectares) worldwide.

As a full-service firm with a global focus, we provide clients with unparalleled expertise and transparency through all stages of the investment life cycle. By creating unique acquisition opportunities, focusing on client objectives, and applying disciplined management, we deliver excellent investment performance.

Campbell Global was founded in 1981 as The Campbell Group, LLC to acquire and manage timberland for institutional and high net worth investors. We bring more than three decades of experience and industry knowledge to timberland and natural resource investment, management, and value creation.

Campbell Global is one of the only timberland managers that manages a working forest for conservation purposes on behalf of a non-profit organization.

In order to protect and enhance its land and to foster an atmosphere of goodwill and cooperation, Campbell Global permits the leasing of its land for hunting and recreational purposes to organized groups of sportsmen and local citizens. Please see our leasing program website at Campbell Global Recreation.

The firm has been recognized on numerous occasions for providing our employees with a challenging and meaningful work environment, including being one of the top 100 best work places in Oregon, and a family-supportive organization. Campbell Global believes a positive work environment translates into long-term benefits for our investors through superior knowledge, low turnover, and the commitment of our employees.


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