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The Burrowing Owl Preservation Society (BOPS) was formed out of concern for the continued decline of the Burrowing Owl population. The number of California breeding Burrowing Owl population declined 60% from the 1980's to the early 90's, and continues to decline at roughly 8% per year. Nationally, Canada has listed the Burrowing Owl as endangered. The Canadian population flies south into the States for the winter. Canadian researchers are investigating why their owls are not returning for the following breeding season. Minnesota has listed the Burrowing Owl as endangered in their state. Some of the Owls winter in Mexico. Mexico has listed the Burrowing Owl as threatened.

BOPS is a public benefit corporation established in September, 2003. Its mission is to increase Burrowing Owl populations through research, education, and the protection, preservation and enhancement of Burrowing Owl's grassland habitat. Activities include interactive student education, reaching out to landowners and farmers to preserve habitat on their land, installation of artificial burrows, offering public presentations of Burrowing Owl biology, behavior, habitat and conservation, monitoring of known owl sites, participation in local governments' decisions on public land uses to include grassland habitat, monitoring parks plans to assure Burrowing Owl habitat is preserved, educating lead agencies when issuing development permits on Burrowing Owl habitat, developing a burrowing owl educational library, maintain the largest collection of Burrowing Owl art in the world, and "planted the seed" for a future Burrowing Owl Festival, currently known as Celebration of Artists and Advocates. The 2006 Celebration is tentatively scheduled for November 4th in Yolo County which includes a student art contest and winter owl field trip.

Burrowing Owls are protected under California Department of Fish and Game (F&G) Codes that prohibit the take, possession, or destruction of birds, their nests or eggs. If you see destructive activity of active nests, owls or foraging habitat call the F&G warden you your area.
In Yolo County call F&G at 530 682 7088

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