Audubon California Landowner Stewardship Program Updated:06/2013

The mission of the Landowner Stewardship Program is to work with private landowners to conserve and restore wildlife habitat on farms and ranches while preserving or enhancing the economic conditions for agriculture. Current program objectives are to enhance and restore riparian and grassland habitats, improve forage quality, improve water quality, and reduce erosion. The program is implemented at a watershed level through projects that are informed by an adaptive management approach.

The Landowner Stewardship Program works with private landowners in the Central Valley to design and implement conservation projects on farms, ranches and other rural properties. Wildlife Friendly Farming projects are designed to maintain and enhance the physical and economic conditions for agriculture, while improving habitat for wildlife. Each project is tailored to meet the needs of the landowner to help meet their objectives for the property. Project sites are used to demonstrate to other producers the benefits of the conservation practices.

The Landowner Stewardship Program was founded on the belief that private landowners are crucial to preserving California's natural heritage. Since 1999 we have collaborated with more than 50 farmers and ranchers on habitat restoration projects compatible with their agricultural operations. Audubon California and these land owners share a lasting commitment to land stewardship. Our partnership creates an important message: private land owners and conservationists do have common goals, and we can work together to keep California both economically and ecologically healthy.

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