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American Home Sales is a family owned business dedicated to Providing affordable housing for all. We offer innovative, high quality, Manufactured/Modular homes.

Eco-Home Building Principles

Below is a list of our Eco Home Building Principles and the resulting individual and global effects.

Energy Efficiency

Our homes are built to meet the strict construction standards set by the EPA and DOE for energy efficiency. Energy Star estimates the homes are 30-40% more efficient than standard manufactured or site built homes that are not built to this standard.
Individual: Lower utility bills, increased efficiency, reduced maintenance
Global: greenhouse gases are reduced by 4,500 lbs each year per house

Water Conservation

Fixtures reduce indoor water usage by an average of 20%. For the average family of four, that saves enough water in one year to fill a backyard swimming pool without reducing water pressure.
Individual: Lower Water Bills
Global: Fresh water is one of the most critical resources in CA, let alone the world. It is estimated that around 1% of the earth's water is potable. Conservation is vital to preserve this natural resource!

Renewable/Eco Materials

SCS certified post-industrial recycled materials are used for the non-hardwoods.
Trash compactor reduces garbage volume by 70%
Recycling center in the home to integrate recycling as a daily activity
Lean Building Practices. 50-70% less material waste (Only 4.8%+/- by volume!)
Environmentally Friendly Building Materials (Low or No VOC paints, glues, caulking)
Individual: Pride of environmentally conscious home ownership
Global: Reduced greenhouse gases and aid in sustaining our natural resources.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Highly efficient fresh air ventilation/recirculation
Formaldehyde Free Insulation and Low VOC products (Less toxins in your air!)
Individual: Increased air quality and healthier building environment
Global: Reduction of toxic emissions into the atmosphere

Efficient Design

We can build an Eco Home in any size and style!
Cross Ventilation & Window Placement engineered for thermal balance
Tight construction and building envelope to increase efficiency and reduce noise
Clean Design Lines for visual harmony
Proper glazing placements to foster increased natural light
Built with materials that have increased longevity and reduced maintenance
Able to design for passive solar with proper thermal mass
Reduced property disturbance and impact versus on-site building
Individual: Increased natural light & fresh air, reduction of energy use and toxic materials resulting in increased Health and Happiness. Studies have show that those who live in an environment with these "green" building elements experience a more cheerful disposition, an increased ability to heal, increased productivity, reduced tardiness & absenteeism.
Global: Increase in community and collective consciousness to build and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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