Reducing Conflict with Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Elk A Western Landowners’ Guide

This guide has been produced by and for landowners and practitioners constructively engaged in one of the greatest conservation challenges of our time—how to share and manage a wild, working landscape that sustains both people and wildlife. The knowledge and insight offered here have not been lightly earned. Each of the contributors brings a wealth of real-world and often hard-won experience in ranching and wildlife management. Some ride daily among grizzlies. Others spend nights on the range among wolves. Out of necessity and interest, they are innovators and close observers of wildlife, livestock and people. They know first-hand the difference between what looks good on paper and what works on the ground.

The resources and best management practices in the guide have also been developed and informed by dedicated researchers, wildlife agencies and nonprofit organizations, a number of which are referenced in this guide. From the landowner perspective, these groups deserve great credit and credibility for seeking out solutions that work for both people and wildlife.

This guide will be successful if the knowledge and perspectives it contains help reduce conflict and prevent losses of both livestock and wildlife. We hope also that it will open new ways of thinking and of relating to land, wildlife and one another.


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