Extreme Biodiesel - Off the Shelf Alternative Fuel Options

While governments labor with bureaucratic plans to implement alternative energy solutions on a broad scale, citizens all over the United States are quietly putting in place solar, wind, and biodiesel technology to reduce their individual carbon footprint and to cut their energy expenses.

Once the exclusive purview of the "do it yourselfer," innovative companies are increasingly providing turn-key, off-the-shelf solutions to homeowners and business who want their energy independence now, not later. One such entity, Extreme Green Technologies, Inc, through its Extreme Biodiesel division in Corona, California, provides impressive fuel-making capacity with a line of self-contained refining systems.

Over the past two years, Extreme Biodiesel has sold more than 150 of its processor units in the United States, Canada, and Africa. Currently the company is working on expansion plans and on creating a co-op for individuals and fleet accounts in southern California.

Created with the specific mission to produce and to distribute energy products while creating awareness of user-friendly solutions, the company has created a range of refining options beginning with its Standard Extractor. This $3,499 unit uses a water-wash process to purify the biodiesel it produces in one day.

The Extractor heats vegetable oil to approximately 140 degrees before drawing it into a 120 gallon mixing tank. There the operator samples and titrates the oil, inputting the resulting data into a calculator on the company's website. The correct amount of methanol and lye are then added to the batch.

After these items are mixed, a reaction is allowed to occur for no less than 2.5 hours. Following the removal of the resulting glycerin by-product, the raw diesel is water washed and drained every one to two hours until it is clean. Following a drying process (via heat or sunshine), the fuel is ready to be used in any diesel engine with no mechanical modification required.

This simple system has been extrapolated over a line of three Extreme Extractors requiring one, two and five hours each to operate at a cost of $5,098, $8,099, and $14,598 respectively. At the top of the company's product line, the Extreme Mini-Refinery runs $19,999.

The Mini Refinery, the only available waterless system of its kind, produces  600 gallons of quality biodiesel per day. The unit is designed to run continuously to meet the high fuel needs of small business fleets.

Extreme Biodiesel also sells dispensing pumps, fueling stations, purification systems, heating tanks, titration kits, and other paraphernalia. In the near future, the company will host workshops online to further instruct individuals and businesses in the operation and maintenance of the various extractor units.

By creating off-the-shelf biodiesel solutions, Extreme Biodiesel is making it possible for a wide range of customers and small businesses to independently access an environmentally friendly fuel that burns cleanly and is biodegradable. On average, biodiesel is 50% less expensive than petrol diesel, making it not only a responsible choice, but also a cost effective one.

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