Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program Updated:10/2015

The Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation (SALC) program component supports the protection and management of California's agricultural lands. Through planning and permanent protection of farm and ranch lands via agricultural easements, the SALC program will prevent increases in GHG emissions by limiting opportunities for expansive, vehicle dependent forms of development in favor of more focused, compact, and transit oriented development within discrete growth boundaries. Additionally, the SALC program will support in future years, farm-scale conservation management practices that further promote reductions in GHG emissions and increases in soil carbon sequestration.

The principal goal of this grant program is to fund conservation acquisitions in order to avoid increases in greenhouse gas emissions associated with agricultural lands, consistent with AB 32: the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.  For the purposes of this program agricultural land will include both cultivated and non-cultivated (e.g., rangeland and pasture) lands.  

Program Downloads

SALC Agricultural Conservation Easement Application (Word Doc) 

SALC Agricultural Conservation Easement Preproposal Worksheet (Word Doc) 

SALC Agricultural Strategy Grant Application (Word Doc) 

SALC Proposed Final Guidelines

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