Riverside Land Conservancy Updated:01/2016

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Riverside County experienced unprecedented growth and development. These activities crowded into the County’s remaining open spaces and threatened to eliminate the native landscapes that first attracted newcomers to the region. The Riverside Land Conservancy was founded in 1988 to create a local organization dedicated to protecting our open space and natural areas. Over time, the Conservancy has become involved in conservation throughout inland Southern California.

As population continues to increase locally and globally, places of protected natural lands that allow people to engage with the environment are critical for understanding and appreciating our influence on the environment. Simply put, we don’t know everything worth knowing about the world in which we live. A society with an environmentally aware and engaged population is better off because they have knowledge of complex systems, preserved history for social context, working examples of non-wasting resource cycles, and laboratories for future discovery.

RLC accomplishes its work by developing partnerships and striking the right balance between economic development and the protection of valuable ecological and cultural resources. Our partners include willing landowners, real estate developers, natural resources businesses, governmental resource agencies and the community at large.

Since 1988 RLC has conserved over 12,000 acres through land purchases, donations and land use restrictions on fragile natural landscapes.

RLC Mission Statement

The Riverside Land Conservancy is dedicated to the preservation of open space by seeking to identify, protect, and manage habitats of rare and endangered species, natural landscapes, and other sensitive sites throughout the Southern California region.

Vision Statement

Riverside Land Conservancy (RLC) is a nonprofit land conservation group which creates partnerships to balance conservation with development activities. Bringing together people, communities, and interested landowners, RLC seeks to preserve our rich, diverse natural habitats and landscapes through:

  • Preservation of core habitat areas
  • Creation of wildlife corridors and linkages, including those interwoven among development areas
  • Promotion of limited, appropriate access to natural areas through passive recreational opportunities

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