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Since 1993, the Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) has been dedicated to conserving and sustaining America’s vital, productive forest landscapes. Working with forest owners, communities and an array of partners, we advance innovative, incentive-based strategies to safeguard our nation’s diverse forests. In so doing, we’re ensuring forests continue to provide people everywhere — from rural communities to urban centers — with a wealth of benefits, including clean water, sustainably harvested wood, green jobs, wildlife habitat and a livable climate.

The Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) is working to Retain our nation’s forests by raising awareness of how all Americans benefit from our great and diverse forests – yet how increasingly threatened these woodlands are by expanding real estate development and other forces.
We make a difference on the ground by directly conserving critical forestlands in the Pacific Northwest, while advising forest owners about conservation strategies across the country. PFT pioneered the use of working forest conservation easements that ensure forests stay as forests – and are well managed for all the benefits they can provide. And we help protect the integrity of important publicly-owned forests and parks by conserving neighboring private lands threatened by development.

Recognized as a national leader in sustainable forestry and conservation, to date we have conserved more than 50,000 acres of forestland in California, Oregon and Washington valued at more than $160 million, including 40,000 acres conserved with working forest conservation easements.

The Pacific Forest Trust helps Sustain forests by employing state-of-the-art forest stewardship practices on the thousands of acres we manage in the Pacific West. Through national advocacy, outreach and sharing of our expertise we also promote exemplary forest management so people across the United States will better understand that good forestry is key to the conservation of nature.

The Pacific Forest Trust also helps us all Gain from working forests by developing new, practical and cost-effective ways to encourage forest owners and managers to protect the natural qualities of their forests. We advance policies that provide landowners with new sources of revenue and other financial incentives for conservation and stewardship of their forests’ natural values, including increasing the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2), protecting our water supplies and enhancing habitat for fish and wildlife.
PFT has been recognized for our work in creating a “green” forest economy for the 21st century, with new markets that help conserve forest landscapes and the jobs they provide in the face of an increasingly competitive world.  Recent accolades for our work include the 2009 U.S. EPA Climate Protection Award, the 2008 James L. Irvine Foundation Leadership Award and the 2008 Kingsbury Browne Leadership Award.

In 2010 PFT was awarded accredited status by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, joining a select group of 90 organizations to have qualified for accreditation since the program was launched in 2008

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Contact Pacific Forest Trust

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