Forest Legacy Carbon Initiative Updated:01/2015

Opportunity and Benefits to Landowners are Real and Sustainable

The purpose of the PEM Forest Legacy Carbon Initiative (FLCI) is to provide a new and unique opportunity to support land conservation and management by directly valuing the sequestration of atmospheric carbon by diverse land types. In cases where land conservation is the primary goal, such as in existing forests and afforestation, simply allowing trees to grow may enhance the landowners compensation through natural carbon sequestration that is verified by direct measurement. The benefits to landowners are many including a new source of revenue to support land management and or land trust goals, realizing related goals of ecosystem service preservation and/or restoration, enhancing biodiversity and natural beauty and increasing community involvement through educational programs. The PEM FLCI is potentially applicable to all forests including working forests and forests in urban environments anywhere on the planet.

In addition to the Boston office listed below, PEM has an office at 795 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04102.

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Contact Forest Legacy Carbon Initiative

Planetary Emissions Management (PEM) (PEM)
711 Atlantic Avenue
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Boston, MA  02111
Phone: 855.254.5055

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