First Light Farm Updated:02/2016

At First Light Farm, we are engaged in a lively dance between the economy of our earth and that of our culture. Through this dance we are dedicated to finding a viable farm model, feeding our families, strengthening the communities and land around us and developing stronger connections and understandings of our world. In becoming part of our farm, you become a part of this dance and in making these two economies harmonious.

Our vision at First Light Farm is simple – cultivate health and love through the conscious transformation of ourselves and our community.

The CSA invites the member and farmer to transcend the impersonal buyer/seller relationship and commit to their food system and each other in a deeper way in order to explore a new way of relating to diet, the land, our community, and the economy.

We believe that the CSA model is the most effective farming tool towards building a vibrant, just, and sustainable food system future. For you as a member, this looks like enjoying the freshest, most delicious seasonal food, inspired cooking, and having fun with your neighbors and farmers.

If you would like more information about the CSA please Click Here. If you would like to see the our CSA Policy Click Here.

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Contact First Light Farm

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