Ecosystem Economics LLC Updated:07/2015

Established in 2007, Ecosystem Economics LLC provides economic consulting services to agencies, non-profits, businesses, and landowners on the development and implementation of payment and market systems for sustainable resource and ecosystem management.

A focus areas for the firm is strategic advice and capacity-building for organizations seeking to use water transactions to acquire water rights to support ecosystem health, chiefly in the United States Pacific Northwest. This work is expanding both nationally and internationally as interest in environmental flows increases. 

The firm is also engaged in the broader development of multi-credit ecosystem service markets, aiding organizations in developing implementation approaches that will be both workable as markets and functional as environmental policy vehicles. We also provide economic advice on water and watershed issues, both in the US and internationally.

Our experience with conservation, economics, and finance gives us the ability to navigate the many tradeoffs and dilemmas around incentive-based environmental policy and resource management with precision. Across multiple policy areas and for diverse clients, Ecosystem Economics focuses on developing financial mechanisms, markets and institutions that can take us towards a sustainable future.

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