Ecology Center Updated:07/2013

The Ecology Center is a 43-year-old nonprofit organization, located in Berkeley, California, that focuses on the environmental impacts of urban residents. We address issues through educating, creating community momentum, building infrastructure to make change easy, and spreading positive solutions through convening and advocacy. Our core issues include waste and consumerism, food and farming, climate change prevention and resiliency, and sustainable living.
Our mission is to inspire and build a sustainable, healthy, and just future for the East Bay, California, and beyond. We transform the ideals of sustainability into everyday practice. We deliver information you can act on, infrastructure you can count on, and leadership for lasting change.
The Ecology Center envisions a world where human activity nurtures the ecosystems that we all depend on — a world of sustainable cities; empowered, resilient communities; zero waste and zero toxics; equal access to healthy food; sustainable resource use; and a safe and stable climate.
Our services include farmers’ markets, produce stands, residential curbside recycling, classes and workshops, youth development, a hotline and help desk, a library, a store for sustainable living, and a demonstration house and garden. We convene the Berkeley Food Policy Council and the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition. We also serve as the fiscal sponsor for a wide range of projects that align with our mission.

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Contact Ecology Center

2530 San Pablo Avenue
Suite H
Berkeley, CA  94702
Phone: 510-548-2220 x233

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