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IF: Your favorite stores include Trader Joe's, David Berkley, Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op or Taylor's market --

OR: Your favorite restaurants are Waterboy, the Paragary Group, or 47 other local or Tahoe Restaurants supplied by Del Rio Botanicals, the Produce Express Farm --

AND: You love to cook with healthy, organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs

Then: A gourmet Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) box delivered each week to a restaurant or office building is just what you need to make ordinary dining healthy and spectacular. Our CSA boxes include the same items delivered to specialty restaurants: baby squashes with blossoms attached, Italian cucumbers, heirloom cherry tomatoes, lemon basil, Early Lady beans, calendula petals, chocolate mint, and 125 other specialty products picked for same-day delivery. Recipes, tips for use, tidbits of information on which chefs are using what, and yearly culinary events at the ranch are part of your CSA.

CSA The consumer supported agriculture concept is based on local consumers using fresh, local and seasonal produce grown on a nearby farm. Del Rio Botanical is located on Old River Road between Sacramento and Woodland. We produce open pollinated organically grown seed and fresh pack specialty produce for Produce Express. As more of the 200 acre ranch is converted to organic production we are expanding our product base to include gourmet CSA offerings.

The Contents All of the Del Rio Botanical Produce is harvested in the morning for same day delivery. Everything we do, from seed harvest, planting, picking and packing is weather dependent. The most abundant, variety rich months are July thru November. March and April are the most demanding but least culinary interesting months as the valley crops change from spring to summers. 


Contact Del Rio Botanical


Contact Del Rio Botanical

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