California Oak Foundation Updated:07/2014

Founded in 1988, the California Oak Foundation (COF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization committed to preserving the state's oak forest ecosystem and its rural landscapes. COF advocates for curbing urban sprawl and creating livable cities. COF's programs include:

  • Working with landowners, ranchers, farmers, developers, conservation organizations, estate planners and others to conserve oak woodlands, mitigate losses of biodiversity, plan responsibly for the urbanization pressures in California, and protect the State's critical watersheds and wildlife habitat.
  • Educating children to be responsible stewards of California's oak woodlands by providing curriculum to educators; developing the oak component of the Cal Alive! CD-ROM series for youth; publishing and distributing a new curriculum entitled Investigating the Oak Community aimed at children in grades 4 through 8.
  • Enabling community members to work on local oak conservation issues by providing technical assistance, scientific and resource information, press and community outreach guidelines, and testimony.
  • Advocating for responsible planning at the state, regional and local levels.
  • Conducting ongoing public information programs through symposia, workshops and an extensive schedule of personal appearances and electronic outreach.

COF continues to build partnerships, enable community leaders, educate children and adults, and garner financial support in order to conserve oak woodlands in the face of the ever-increasing pressures of urbanization.

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Contact California Oak Foundation

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