California Landscape Conservation Cooperative Updated:07/2013

The California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CA LCC) is a management-science partnership whose mission is to  inform and promote integrated science, natural resource management and conservation to address the impacts of climate change and other stressors within and across ecosystems.

Guiding Principles
Within the CA LCC geographic scope and community, many individual organizations and partnerships already are engaged in natural resource conservation.  In this context the CA LCC:
  • Strengthens existing partnerships by providing science to help them address their priority conservation needs.
  • Provides enhanced scientific capabilities to help conservation delivery in consideration of climate change and other environmental stressors.
  • Provides agencies with additional science information and tools to help them address issues impacting management of fish and wildlife as well as associated ecosystems.
  • Provides a forum for partners to develop shared conservation goals, objectives and strategies at regional and broad landscape scales.

Contact California Landscape Conservation Cooperative


Contact California Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Debra Schlafmann / California LCC Coordinator
USFWS Pacific Southwest Region
3020 State University Drive East
Modoc Hall Suite 2007
Sacramento, CA  95819
Phone: 916-414-6455

Service Area

Statewide Program in:
  • California