Butte County Fire Safe Council Updated:07/2016

The Butte County Fire Safe Council is a non-profit, public-benefit corporation formed in March of 1998.

to reduce damage and devastation through our mission "to provide safety in Butte County through wildfire hazard education and mitigation
Our mission is accomplished through a variety of free fire prevention programs, projects, educational materials, and community outreach which includes:

  • The Chipper Program—A brush-chipping service available to residents throughout Butte County.
  • Fire Safe Home Visit Program—A voluntary opportunity for residents of Butte County to receive one-on-one wildfire prevention and preparedness training tailored specifically to each home.
  • Resident's Assistance Program—A program that provides defensible-space assistance for qualifying low income, senior, and physically disabled residents in Butte County.
  • Fuels Reduction Projects—Assisting in or carrying out fuels reduction projects in which roads are made safer for evacuation and fire-fighting access.
  • Sixth Grade Education Program—Provides wildfire education for sixth-grade students.
  • Home Owners' Guide to Fire-Wise Landscaping—Brochures illustrating how defensible space can be created in grassland, brushland, and timberland environments.
  • Community Evacuation Plans—Provide critical information to residents for emergency evacuation.
  • Weed Wrench Lending Program-Encouraging homeowners and members of the community to eradicate Doom the Broom

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Contact Butte County Fire Safe Council

Executive Director
5619 Black Olive Drive
Paradise, CA  95967
Phone: 530-877-0984
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Services provided in:
  • Butte County, California