Animal Protection Program Updated:09/2015

Since its establishment, The Summerlee Foundation has promoted a new ethic towards our fellow beings through its national and international grantmaking programs supporting rescue, research, rehabilitation, and advocacy.  Our grants have assisted a wide variety of programs, including second chances for companion animals, protection of wild carnivores, sanctuary and refuge, and endangered species protection and advocacy.  While many of these projects have been controversial, all have been critically important. Collectively, we have alleviated fear, pain and suffering in countless animals’ lives, advanced and expanded the rights of all non-human animals, defended the laws that protect them, and created new policies to address new grievances against them. We have rescued, re-homed, relocated, and rehabilitated these animals.

And while we can celebrate our many successes, we must also confront the emerging and expanding threats to our most vulnerable animal populations:  climate change, persecution and exploitation on a global scale, wildlife extinction and disease, companion animal abandonment, and intentional cruelty and torture. The challenges are serious and many.

By working together, creatively and opportunistically, with vision and with wisdom, we will continue to protect and give sanctuary and refuge to the underserved, the voiceless, the persecuted, and the helpless.

The Summerlee Foundation is enormously proud of the dedication and achievements of its grantseekers and congratulates all of you for your vision, your commitment, and your ability to make a difference in the lives of so many.

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Contact Animal Protection Program

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