The California Lichen Society (CALS) Updated:08/2013

The California Lichen Society (CALS) seeks to promote the appreciation, conservation, and study of lichens. The focus of the Society is on California, but its interests include the entire western part of the continent. Anyone interested in California lichens may join the Society.

The California Lichen Society was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1994. It has grown from the original nine founding members, and now includes roughly 200 members, from New Zealand to the United States to the Czech Republic. We are an active group, and have set ourselves the goals of mapping the state’s lichen flora, preserving its endangered species, and enhancing the knowledge and understanding of lichens throughout California and adjacent areas.
The Conservation Committee has completed and approved sponsorships for eleven lichen species, which are now in various stages of the meticulous two-year sponsorship process. The ultimate goal of the Committee is to create an awareness of the need for lichen conservation in California. 
Our Educational Grants Committee for the past four years, has awarded over $7300 to students and researchers contributing to the understanding of the lichen flora of California. Amounts range up to $2500. 
Members receive the Bulletin of the California Lichen Society, published each year in the spring and fall. It includes peer-reviewed articles of both technical and general interest, reports and species lists from field trips, Conservation Committee sponsorships, a calendar of upcoming events, and summaries and reports on interesting events in the world of lichenology. Back issues are available at our website.
Current activities of the Society:
Full-day workshops for all levels of expertise
Twice-monthly evening workshops
Field trips throughout California
General Member meeting and potluck in January
Guest lectures
Annual participation in the Mycological Society of San Francisco Fungus Fair

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